Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bird Photography at Osman Sagar Gandipet Hyderabad

My Fourth Outing (02-Aug-2015)

Spot Billed Pelican

Greater Flamingo

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark Male

Red Rumped Swallow

Spot Billed Pelican Juvenile

Greater Flamingo

My third outing (31-Jan-2015)

This outing was for the most respected bird in the world. The symbol of fortitude - The Bar Headed Geese.

Bar Headed Geese

Bar Headed Geese

Second Outing for the RTP Group

Location: Osman Sagar Lake and Gandipet Park
Sighting: 22 different species

Every time I go out for a bird outing in-and-around Hyderabad, I'm always pleasantly surprised with the variety of Birds. This time it was no different. A note of thanks goes to Akshay, Rahul and Ajith for joining from RTP. Also a note of thanks goes to the Photography Equipment without which capturing this beauty wouldn't have been possible.

Cattle Egret

 Coppersmith Barbet (Juvenile)

Common Iora

Asian Pied Starling

White Breasted Kingfisher

Kingfisher in flight

Black Winged Stilt (Male)

Little Cormorant

Black Drongo

Green Bee eater

Indian Pond Heron

Indian Pond Heron (in flight)

Intermediate Egret

River Tern Juvenile

River Tern

Common Coot

Plain Prinia


Birds eye View of Gachibowli

Kokapet Lake

The above trip was my second bird watching trip to Gandipet Park and adjoining areas. The 1st trip was equally rewarding as well. Here are a few shots that I took on my first outing here, albeit that time I was carrying a 250 mm only and the trip happened in bright day light afternoon.


Purple Sunbird Male

Indian Robin Male

 Indian Pond Heron

 Grey Bellied Cuckoo

Ashy Prinia


  1. Beautiful captures.... What time of the day have you visited this place?

    1. Thanks! We reached around 6 AM and returned around 9-30 AM.

  2. Which month of the year is best??

    1. Depends on what birds you are targeting. If migrants is what you want then Dec-Jan-Feb is best. Otherwise you will get all residents only.

  3. Hey Sumeet. I needed little more information regarding these birding outings. Could we get in touch? I believe, I had left a comment earlier too.


    you can reach out to me at