Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drive from Hyderabad to Kuntala Waterfalls

Hyderabad to Pochera waterfalls 
Pochera waterfalls to Kuntala waterfalls 
Kuntala waterfalls to Hyderabad 


Total distance covered: 550 KM (door to door)

Driving time: Onward: Left Hyd 6-30 AM reached Pochera waterfalls 11 AM
Average mileage: 11 km per litre (Conditions: Ford Fiesta Petrol, 4 Passengers  , AC-on 50% intensity always, Luggage)
Cost of trip: Rs. 4000 (Includes fuel and toll)

Click here for the direction in google maps. 

This was being planned for quite some time. Last year around monsoon time, I came to know of these waterfall destinations. Since then it was in my radar. A lot of planning, pre planning, postponing, deferring, cancelling and then finally the day arrived.

The previous attempts of visiting were unsuccessful because of various reasons.  Travelers getting sick on the d-day, too late to get up in the morning, road blockage due to rain on one occasion, and most of the time, overcast sky and heavy rains were the biggest deterrent. However today the sky was clear, monsoon took a side step, sunny morning, co-travelers were in the pink of their health and so an ideal day to drive out.

So we packed our bags with breakfast, lunch, some snacks, toys for my dog and other accessories like my camera with all my latest photography gadgets tucked in a dedicated camera backpack. So here we are, all set for another long drive to a road never travelled before – NH 7 towards Nagpur from Hyderabad with all 4 of us geared up and looking forward to this.

Left home at 6-30 AM, took a break in between, walked and relieved my dog, started again and reached Pochera around 11 AM. Spent some time there and left for Kuntala waterfalls. Reached kuntala around 12-30 PM. Spent a good time there relaxing, had lunch and finally started for our return journey. The journey was all smooth throughout, with most of the road 4 lane. Only one railway crossing falls in between where we had to pit stop both ways. On our onward journey we took the road through nirmal however the bypass should have been taken. Didn’t regret though as the small ghat section was filled with monkeys, sheeps and goats (a lot of entertainment for our dog). While returning we took the bypass though. The return journey was smooth except got stuck in balanagar traffic and that was the killing part. Total drive of 550 KM with the steep walk and climbing of 400 stairs in kuntala was a bit too tiring for a single driver. By far, the most tiring of all the long drives that I have done till date. I don’t know if I’m ageing now or whether it was the effect of stairs multiplied with balanagar traffic jam, but for the first time I felt a little old now.

But all in all it was fun, with lots of greenery around on the way, smooth roads mostly, and beautiful misty waterfall of kuntala was rejuvenating. A wholesome experience of driving with pleasure aplenty. Not to mention, when you are with family, all these long drives become even more fascinating. A note of kudos goes to the car as well, even at 55,000 KM, being more than 6 years old, with totally worn out tyres, she was awesome on the road.

I hope the next trip comes soon. Let’s see which one I pull out this time.  

The mist around the Kuntala waterfalls didn't let me click properly. was worried about my camera getting wet. 

This was my first trip to Kuntala Waterfalls, I did this trip once again later - the Second Trip link is here.