Friday, June 24, 2011

Drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore - 2

Hyderabad to Bangalore and back
Total: 1300 KM

This was the second instance when I drove between Hyderabad and Bangalore. Left early morning 6 AM, reached comfortably by lunch time. This was a surprise visit for our friends in Bangalore and that was the fun all about. The decision to drive down was taken just 2 days back, that’s what the beauty of car driving is all about. You can pack and leave whenever you want. No need to check any availability or booking.

After entering Bangalore, lost our way a little bit, google maps couldn't direct us correctly and we took a wrong turn, resulting in an hour of delay from normal time of arrival. Rest all was smooth, even the return journey was smooth as well, without any hassles. While returning, we left late by 12 noon, and hence found traffic both in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Reached Hyderabad around 8 PM. That’s the advantage of leaving early morning, which I prefer the most.

While going to Bangalore the focus was primarily on mileage hence didn't drive above 100 KMPH. While returning, the focus was time, hence even touched top speed of 160 KMPH without worrying much about mileage.

The roads are simply superb. Definitely one of the best I have seen in my entire travel diary. Complete 4 lanes, with tolls in regular intervals, nice BPCL ghar outlets provide clean toilets for ladies. Just an ideal car-drive, can’t ask for more in India. 

(My first trip between Hyderabad and Bangalore happened a few months earlier )

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drive from Hyderabad to Vizag

Hyderabad to Vizag (Vishakhapatnam): 700 KM
Vizag to Anantagiri: 150 KM
Anantagiri to Hyderabad: 700 KM

The first long drive after marriage is finally here. I had been waiting for this for 6 months now. It was a really long drive with the following itinerary:

Day 1: 03-Apr-11 Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam (Left Hyderabad 6 AM reached Vizag 7 PM)
Day 2: 04-Apr-11 Local sight seeing
Day 3: 05-Apr-11 Local sight seeing
Day 4: 06-Apr-11 Vizag to Tyda via Bhimlee beach, cyber valley. (Left Vizag 9 AM reached Tyda 1 PM)
Day 5: 07-Apr-11 Tyda to Anathagiri, Ananthagiri to Borra Caves and Araku back to Ananthagiri 
Day 6: 08-Apr-11 Anathagiri to Hyderabad

The whole journey was very fulfilling for both of us. My wife was excited with the Sea and I was thrilled with the Hills. Not to mention the drive all through was so gratifying.

Day 1: The road to Vizag from Hyderabad was nice after Vijayawada. Till Vijayawada the 4 lane work is still under progress and it is really tough to drive. Need to chase the trucks all through and whenever get an opportunity, press the gas and overtake, taking care of the oncoming traffic as well. Till Vjw it is a pain to drive, after that it is probably one of the best roads in India. Vjw to Viz was super cool, 4 lane, toll plaza after every 100 km but nobody will mind paying that as this leg of the journey you will complete, before you even realize. We decided that we wont rush hence never crossed 100 kmph mark resulting in my petrol ford fiesta with AC on always, giving a mileage of 17 kmpl in that stretch. Finally reached vizag in the evening, google maps guided us to Hotel Park on the beach road and we spent the entire evening sitting on the shore hearing the blissful waves in the wind.

Day 2: Only local sight seeing, no driving.

Day 3: Local sight seeing again in a taxi, no driving.

Day 4: Had our breakfast and left Vizag to see bheemli beach, from bhimlee beach the plan was to go to tyda. Totally dependant on google maps, it took us to some awesome village stretch, road was narrow but not bad. We saw the cyber valley where the big IT companies are coming up. Awesome work location indeed. Finally after a beautiful ghat stretch, reached tyda. The Jungle Bell resort, where we were staying for the night was super cool. Amongst deep woods, the serene surroundings and the birds chirping were just mind blowing. Had our lunch there, and stayed back there for the night. The most surprising thing that happened was that nobody was staying in the resort for the night. All the cottages were empty and we were all alone. The worst part was that even the phone intercom was also not working. To be honest, both of us really felt a bit scared after a point in time in the night. It was indeed dead silence all across and pitch-dark outside. Preferred to sleep early in that scary night.  

Day 5: When we got up early morning the fear of the dark got washed off with the seeping sun rays from the dense forest. The calm quiet morning was more just too good to make us forget the night before. Had our early breakfast and headed straight for Ananthagiri. And boy, that was another heaven on earth. After a long time in my life did I realize the beauty of hills and valleys. The cottage was situated in an ideal location, beautifully facing the deep valley, permeating the hills on all sides. People say anathagiri is Ooty of AP and I must admit I was not disappointed. Finally the entire day we just drove in the nearby hills, went to see araku in the valley, borra caves in the deep hills, and had a beautiful evening on that cottage balcony.

Day 6: Time to go back, got up early had our breakfast and headed straight for Hyderabad. As usual, road was good till Vjw, but from Vjw to Hyd it was pain. More so, because relying on the google maps took us straight into the city of Hyderabad. On the other hand if we had taken the ring road then things could have been much easier. Anyway, all in all the trip was really good and we enjoyed a lot, with a lot of beautiful memories all through.
Not to forget, a toast goes to my “Fiesta” for cruising us through all these stretches without any complain.