Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore

Hyderabad to Bangalore and back (Trip 1) 
Total: 1300 KM

After 4 months of solitude, finally got another wonderful opportunity to rev the engine. And this time I was super excited as I was driving down to Bangalore from Hyderabad for the first time. I had been to Bangalore but this was special. Firstly, I was going to finalize my marriage and to meet the in-laws. Secondly, Hyd to Bang was new for me and pretty exciting as well. So here I was, very hectic weekend plan, leaving Saturday morning, meet my niece in the evening, Sunday the date for interview with in-laws, Monday drive back and attend office. Very packed and hectic but real fun too.

Day 1: 24-Jul-2010 (Saturday) Left from Hyderabad early morning 5 AM, reached Bangalore before lunch easily. Although lost my way a little bit when trying to reach my cousin’s home where I was planning to put up, but somehow managed amongst that excavation work done for Bangalore metro railway. In the evening went to meet my niece, had a good time. The highway to Bangalore from Hyderabad was just superb without any hitches, a lot of toll plazas but I never mind paying if I get good roads to drive.  

Day 2: 25-Jul-2010 (Sunday) Early morning 7 AM went to meet a friend and ex-colleague, as there was no other time left to meet her. Had a good time with her after meeting her since Kolkata days. From there went to meet in-laws and her folks. Came back after lunch and in the evening my niece came to my cousin’s place with her mom.

Day 3: 26-Jul-2010 (Monday) Left from Bangalore early morning around 5 and reached Hyderabad before 12 PM as I planned. Since my office timing was from 12 PM so I planned it that way. Luckily I managed to reach on time without any hassles. Thanks to superb roads and thanks to my amazing Car. Ford Fiesta – GO FIDA. Once again I was FIDA on this master machine. What an irony, leaving from banaglore in the morning to attend office in HYD and that too on time. This was really incredible. 

With my friend and ex-colleague whom i met early morning 6 AM :-P (Can't believe i can trouble somebody at that hour) 

(UPDATED: This trip was done once again a few months later )

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drive from Hyderabad to Pune

Hyderabad to Pune: 580 KM 

Pune to Mahabaleshwar and back: 300 KM 
Pune to Mumbai and back: 300 KM 
Pune to Hyderabad: 580 KM 

I got a new job with a good raise, it’s time to celebrate. Between the dates of resignation and joining, I got a few days at my disposal. And what could be a better use of these days other than going on a long drive. Perfect timing to fulfill one of my driving dreams i.e. to drive on the Mumbai – Pune expressway at the highest possible speed. The timing was also perfect, an ex collegue and friend was in Pune, also another friend was there in Symbi , brother was there in Mumbai. So I immediately decided to make this trip happen.

Day 1: 20-Mar-2010 (Saturday) Left Hyd early morning, reached Pune around lunch time. Had lunch at friend's place, went to Symbiosis, met my friend and went for shopping. Spent the night at friend's place.  The road to Pune in general was good for 90% journey, only a slight stretch between AP and Maharashtra was a stretch of Karnataka. That was not so good. Other than that it was good road to drive. Not much of traffic and majorly 4 lane.

Day 2: 21-Mar-2010 (Sunday) From Pune to Mahabaleshwar and back. Again roads were just good enough to enjoy the drive, very scenic, mahabaleshwar is known for that, crossed panchgani before reaching mahabaleshwar, heard about it so much for its boarding schools, saw it for the first time. A real scenic heaven – Panchgani is beautiful indeed. Was back to Pune by 4-30 PM after visiting all the various viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar.

Day 3: 22-Mar-2010 (Monday) Had lunch with my friend from Symbi

Day 4: 23-Mar-2010 (Tuesday) Pune to Mumbai, went to bother’s place, in the evening went to cousin’s home, stayed there for the night. So this was the drive I was waiting for since I bought my car. Mumbai Pune Expressway – it is worth driving once. Till now the best of the highways I have driven. And I pushed my pedal this time, just to check how far can my car zoom. And after 180 KMPH I started feeling scared. The car was ready for more, but not me. That was my threshold. 180 KMPH I might never cross again in my life. I was fearing since my car tyre specs said they are meant for 180KMPH, although my car was capable of much more. I was very happy to see the Audis and BMWs fading in my rear view mirror, although I know very well, I will never be able to beat them if they actually start racing. Still the fun and the thrill was a lot and this gamble with my life for once was okay I believe. Atleast I will cherish this memory all my life to come. But a sincere word of advice here to all readers – please don’t try this – speeding at 180 KMPH is too risky.

Day 5: 24-Mar-2010 (Wednesday) Morning came back to brother's home and left back for Pune. Reached Pune. I took a gamble with my life not once but twice. This time again I pushed it all through, just couldn't resist the temptation. I would still say please don’t try it ever. It's too risky. If even 1 person loves you on this earth then for his / her sake don’t push your paddle to the limit. NEVER.

Day 6: 25-Mar-2010 (Thursday) At friend's place

Day 7: 26-Mar-2010 (Friday) At friend's place

Day 8: 27-Mar-2010 (Saturday) Left Pune reached Hyd 5-30 PM

So, finally I successfully touch the West of India. I have done, north, east, south and this takes me to west. GO FIDA once again.