Monday, August 18, 2014

Photography at Butterfly Park Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

It's quite easy to get misled by the name of this park. I went there hoping I will find some good butterflies, however, this park although very well maintained, unfortunately has no butterflies.

But the story doesn't end here my friends, it actually just started.

I got down from the car, took out my camera and right there over my head on the electric line, was a bird sitting and calling merrily. I was perplexed because I haven't clicked this bird before and I was almost jumping in my place to spot a lifer. The light was dropping and I couldn't ID it that time, I went back home, checked all reference material but I found it so hard to positively ID it.

At last after a lot of research I could identify it as Square Tailed Drongo Cuckoo (A Migratory Bird from Sri Lanka and South East Asia) which comes to India only during the monsoons. I couldn't just believe my luck ... I was thrilled to spot my number 172 and that too which is not a resident. Last time in my Thattekad Kerala trip, I spotted the Fork Tailed Drongo Cuckoo. The picture didn't come out well hence I didn't post it there, but today I have to post it here to show the difference.

The Square Tailed Drongo Cuckoo (Migrant from Sri Lanka / SE Asia) - A Lifer for me.
Square tailed Drongo Cuckoo
The resident Fork Tailed Drongo Cuckoo (Clicked in Thattekad Kerala)
Fork tailed Drongo Cuckoo

This is what Bird Photography does to you, you can't just have enough of it.
We went inside the park, no entry ticket, no butterflies there, rather this park is being used by the nearby local residents to walk their dogs. Finally managed to find a park where dogs are allowed. I'm sure I will take Eins along some time soon.

Very well maintained landscape, good green grass lawn in the middle and a jogging track alongside the park. I could spot a few birds in those trees around the park, got some beautiful shots as well but nothing beats the Square Tailed Drongo Cuckoo.

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Enjoy the pics below.

Common Tailorbird

White-throated Kingfisher

Ashy Prinia

Red-vented Bulbul

Ashy Prinia

Plain Prinia

Overall a very satisfying day, with a wonderful lifer and discovering a park that allows Eins to tag along with us.

Photography at Buddhist Monastery Secunderabad

This Buddhist Monastery is located at a serene location in Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad and hence not many people know about it. The idea was just to spend a good time at a new location and hence decided to go. Carrying the camera along is now more of a habit that anything else. You never know when all of a sudden somebody peeps from the tree branches.

Although photography isn't allowed inside the Monastery however standing outside the gate of the monastery we clicked some shots. Not many birds around but some good butterflies were there. For a photography outing per-se, this might not be an ideal location, however if you just want to spend a leisure time at a peaceful location complimented with some photography, you could visit here with your family.

The timing of the monastery is 5 AM to 10 AM then 4-30 PM to 8-30 PM.

Click here for the Google Map Direction

Enjoy the pics below.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Butterfly Photography Hyderabad India

A definite subset of Bird Photography - every bird enthusiast has reasons to get fascinated by butterfly photography. Some of the reasons why I get hooked to butterfly photography are below,
  • The pattern and color of the butterflies are so unique
  • Usually they are found sitting on a colourful flower or around green plants and leaves - giving an opportunity to click such beautiful colors 
  • Since they are small so you have to focus well and quick giving you beautiful bokehs 

This post compiles all the shots of butterflies I clicked till date, includes 18 different species from 2 primary outings. This also includes some pics that Supriya clicked with her camera (Credit mentioned in the watermarks)
Outing 1: Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park  Hyderabad
Outing 2: Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad
Outing 3: Near my residential township

Enjoy the clicks below!

Photography at Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

This trip was solely inspired by the previous trip to Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park specially targeting the Butterflies. This was my second Butterfly Photography outing. Click here for all the other Butterfly Pics I have clicked till date.

The agenda in this trip was very clear -
  1. Go to Butterfly Park in the Zoo - click as many species as possible 
  2. Explore the Zoo for possible bird photography (not to click any caged bird - only the ones that are in open) 
  3. Start the first field photography training for Supriya

Agenda 1: Target Butterflies
Very successful indeed, clicked more than 10 different species in that small well maintained butterfly park inside the Zoo.

Agenda 2: Target Birds
Genuine Bird Photographers never get the happiness in clicking caged birds - leave aside clicking, I don't even enjoy looking at the caged birds. So my target was to see that how good is the Zoo in terms of open birding population per se.
Verdict is - it is not that great for birding however at the end of the day I got LIFERS in the form of White Bellied Drongo and Black Crowned Night Heron. However if i combine it with the full experience of photographing the butterflies, then surely it was worth every penny.

Agenda 3: Supriya Learning SLR Photography
My Wife, Supriya was showing a little bit interest towards photography. I already had my earlier camera - Canon 1100D at home with a spare 250mm since the day I graduated to Canon 70D and 400mm. I gave her a preliminary understanding for clicking with SLRs and she was indeed a fast learner. Some of her shots were far better than the ones that I clicked with my camera and lens.
Wonderful indeed! (Credit mentioned in the watermark with her name)

So all in all, a very successful day. Enjoy the pics below.

White-bellied Drongo

Black-crowned Night Heron

Pied Kingfisher

Yellow-billed Babbler

Ashy Prinia

Indian Pond Heron

Great Cormorant

White-breasted Waterhen

White-breasted Waterhen with chick

Asian Koel Female

Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

Ashy Prinia

Common Myna juv