Sunday, August 3, 2014

Photography at Rain Tree Park Malaysian Township Hyderabad

Spent around 6 years here in this residential township, with a lot of opportunity to photograph birds, landscapes, night lighting   butterflies and much more.

Attached below are a few shots and their associated memories.

Eins playing in our floor gallery

Eins at the parking lot

Some bokeh photography during Ganesh Chaturthi lighting inside our premises

The most lucky shot, delighted to find the Indian Golden Oriole.

I could hear the bird below and this time had to search for it for 45 minutes around the bushes and then finally it showed up. The ever beautiful Tickell's Blue Flycatcher female

This shot was particularly lucky, saw the bird outside the back gate perched on a light pole while walking my dog. Went back home, took my camera, came back and to my surprise it was still sitting there. Such a lovely shot of Shikra - the bird of prey.

Again luck played a crucial part, so hard to capture these Dusky Crag Martins because they hardly rest but this time it was resting right beside my balcony.

The beauty of the rock pigeon is the most under-rated.

Poor scaly breasted Munia was inside my bedroom and wasn't able to find a way out. I was a little selfish in clicking it first and then helping it go out.

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