Saturday, October 28, 2006

Drive from Cuttack to Hyderabad

Cuttack to Hyderabad and back 
Total 2000 KM  

It was not even 3 months since I bought my car and learnt driving. All the souls in this world advised me against it, but I was desperately craving to go on a long drive. Cuttack to Hyderabad was a big one, not because of the distance, but because I was only 3 months old in driving. Still I was ready to go and nothing could stop me from attempting this. It was the beginning of my dream – a dream to drive all across India.
I admit that I was not 100% successful at the end, but when people ask me about it, I still say out of 2200 KM I successfully finished 2000 KM. however because of bad luck I missed on the last 200 KM and resulted in an unfortunate accident near behrampur. The accident was terrible and if I was not wearing seat belts then surely that would have been my last day. 

Lessons learned and reiterated: 

  • Never drive without seat belts 
  • Never drive in the dark 
  • Never drive in normal sleeping hours of night 
  • Be extra cautious while driving in rain 

This unfortunate accident wouldn’t have happened if I was relaxed. After introspection, I realized that I was under a lot of pressure from my supervisor so that I join back immediately, I was also under pressure of a deadline to reach cuttack soon, and lack of sleep, alongwith heavy rain, bad roads with no proper fluorescent signage cost me that accident.

Car was finally towed the last 200 km till Bhubaneswar and people had a good laugh about me. But it didn’t matter to me, I knew I will go on many more long drives and this is just the beginning.