Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bird Photography at Hampi - Hyderabad Drive

Bird Photography at Hampi

Can photography ever be described in terms of ROI (Return on Investment)? I don't know about others, I don't know whether it is appropriate or not, but this is one of the perils of being an MBA graduate - I always think in terms of ROI.

How much I invest and how many new species I could add to my life-list, this question definitely haunts me before investing. However once I find any new species, all this is not even a point of concern. The happiness to see a new species through my viewfinder is far more than any pinch I feel in my pockets.

Added 7 to my life-list of birding, this birding trip was combined with a long drive. My enthusiasm to drive is slowly playing a second fiddle to birding. However this time it was a sudden invitation and my 9 year old car had to go through a test, again. Total drive of close to 1000 KM with some testing road conditions near the industrial area of Bellary and some off-road experience for birding, the car fared fairly well. The stay was awesome, Jungle Lodges and Resorts have less of surprises. Even though I missed the Painted Sandgrouse, nevertheless I was able to add 7 others to my life-list.

Fuel Expenses: Rs. 5000
Passengers: 4 adults + 1 kid 
Car: Ford Fiesta Petrol
Driving Condition: Fast Driving with AC always on.

Enjoy the pics!

Painted Spurfowl Male

Painted Spurfowl Male

Painted Spurfowl Female

Grey Francolin

Grey Francolin

Jungle Bush Quail Male

Jungle Bush Quail Female

Jungle Bush Quail Juvenile

Jungle Bush Quail Chick

Jungle Bush Quail Male and Chick

Jungle Bush Quail Male and Female with Juveniles

Indian Eagle Owl
Indian Eagle Owl Nesting

Spotted Owlet

Yellow Throated Bulbul

Yellow Throated Bulbul

White Browed Bulbul

Red Vented Bulbul

Long Tailed Shrike

Asian Koel Female

Laughing Dove

Common Babbler

Large Grey Babbler

Yellow Billed Babbler

Purple Sunbird Male

Purple Rumped Sunbird

Grey Bellied Cuckoo

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark

Common Iora

Drive from Hyderabad to Hampi

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bird Photography at Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary Lucknow

This outing to Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary was clubbed with another outing for Bird Photography in Samaspur Bird Sanctuary which is 130 km from Lucknow. Nawabganj is hardly 40 km from Lucknow. I was surprised to find the wide variety of birds in Nawabganj, specially to see the resident birds aplenty. Obviously a lot of migratory birds were also present as this was the peak season for the same. Nawabganj is undoubtedly a paradise for birding.
Samaspur, near Rae Bareily was not worth. Officials there were corrupt and took 250 bucks from me to enter the park with my camera without even giving me any receipt or ticket for the same. I would have been utterly disappointed if I didn't spot the Eurasian Wryneck. Samaspur added 2 new to my life-list and Nawabganj added another 12 to my list, crossing the magical number of 300.

300 - that is a big number indeed. I know how much effort it took to reach there. It was worth the journey. Time for some celebration!

Eurasian Wryneck

Mallard Male

Feruginous Duck Male

Feruginous Duck Male and Female

Feruginous Duck

Gadwall Male

Gadwall Male

Gadwall Female

Northern Shoveller Male

Northern Pintail Male and Gadwall Male

Northern Pintail Female

Common Teal & Little Grebe

Comb Duck Male

Common Coot

Spotbill Duck and Cormorant

Little Grebe

Booted Eagle

Booted Eagle

Black Kite

Crested Serpent Eagle

Black Shouldered Kite

Sarus Crane


White Breasted Waterhen

Purple Heron

Oriental Magpie Robin Female

Graceful Prinia

Red Breasted Flycatcher Female

Common Stonechat Male

Indian Nuthatch

Great Tit

Black Redstart

Common Chiffchaff

Rufous Treepie

White Breasted Kingfisher

Red Whiskered Bulbul

Oriental Pied Starling

Greater Coucal

Pale billed flowerpecker