Saturday, October 20, 2007

Drive from Lucknow to Agra

Lucknow to Agra and back 

Total: 800 KM

Stationed in lucknow for quite some time now and relatives were supposed to come to lucknow during durga puja. We had 2 cars, so decided to go for a long drive. And nobody except my dad has seen Taj Mahal before, so Agra was the destination. 

Now comes the question, who will take a ride in my car and who all will ride in dad’s car? We were 4 people of elder generation and 5 of mine (including 3 kids). So we fought for our rights for all kids to sit in the same car which I was driving. And mom, dad, uncle, aunty in dad’s car which dad was driving. 

We left lucknow and took the route to Kanpur from where we got the NH2. So road condition was again too good without any hassles. Only the city traffic of agra was the one to bother about. We reached around lunch time at agra and then went for local shopping. Next morning was the scheduled visit to taj mahal and fatehpur sikri. Next day was the return and it was as smooth as the onward journey. 

The highway was good, I was very cautious while driving although touched 170 kmph at one stretch when the road was looking good enough.