Monday, August 18, 2014

Photography at Buddhist Monastery Secunderabad

This Buddhist Monastery is located at a serene location in Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad and hence not many people know about it. The idea was just to spend a good time at a new location and hence decided to go. Carrying the camera along is now more of a habit that anything else. You never know when all of a sudden somebody peeps from the tree branches.

Although photography isn't allowed inside the Monastery however standing outside the gate of the monastery we clicked some shots. Not many birds around but some good butterflies were there. For a photography outing per-se, this might not be an ideal location, however if you just want to spend a leisure time at a peaceful location complimented with some photography, you could visit here with your family.

The timing of the monastery is 5 AM to 10 AM then 4-30 PM to 8-30 PM.

Click here for the Google Map Direction

Enjoy the pics below.

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