Friday, June 24, 2011

Drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore - 2

Hyderabad to Bangalore and back
Total: 1300 KM

This was the second instance when I drove between Hyderabad and Bangalore. Left early morning 6 AM, reached comfortably by lunch time. This was a surprise visit for our friends in Bangalore and that was the fun all about. The decision to drive down was taken just 2 days back, that’s what the beauty of car driving is all about. You can pack and leave whenever you want. No need to check any availability or booking.

After entering Bangalore, lost our way a little bit, google maps couldn't direct us correctly and we took a wrong turn, resulting in an hour of delay from normal time of arrival. Rest all was smooth, even the return journey was smooth as well, without any hassles. While returning, we left late by 12 noon, and hence found traffic both in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Reached Hyderabad around 8 PM. That’s the advantage of leaving early morning, which I prefer the most.

While going to Bangalore the focus was primarily on mileage hence didn't drive above 100 KMPH. While returning, the focus was time, hence even touched top speed of 160 KMPH without worrying much about mileage.

The roads are simply superb. Definitely one of the best I have seen in my entire travel diary. Complete 4 lanes, with tolls in regular intervals, nice BPCL ghar outlets provide clean toilets for ladies. Just an ideal car-drive, can’t ask for more in India. 

(My first trip between Hyderabad and Bangalore happened a few months earlier )

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