Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Driving in foggy conditions

Driving in foggy conditions

Foggy conditions in India, is a common phenomenon this time around. Especially prevalent in some selected parts of the country in the winter months. Driving surely becomes a challenge in early morning hours and late evenings as well. However, a few tips of caution can save the blues and we can drive through the fog avoiding all possible accidents. 

Things to remember while driving in fog:

  1. First and foremost – Fog Lamps. We should consider ourselves lucky that we are born in an era where so much of development has already happened and we have all the tools to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Have you ever wondered how a fog lamp really helps? Well it’s simple physics. Yellow light travels a farther distance than the conventional lights of headlamps because of the higher wavelength. Fog lamps have much higher wavelength than that of headlamps hence it percolates through the fog and travels much ahead helping you see the road ahead or the oncoming person can see your lights and adjust his course accordingly. (Remember: why all danger stop signs are red in colour? Red has the maximum wavelength)
  2. Try to maintain lane discipline. This is highly imperative in foggy conditions. Since you won’t be able to see the road ahead, you have to take assistance of the white lane markings on the road and stick your tyres to those lines. This will avoid most possible causes of accident.
  3. Keep your windows rolled up and put on the AC otherwise fog will enter your car and mist will condense inside your windscreen. Again simple physics, since the outside of the car will be colder than inside hence condensation happens inside the windscreen hampering your visibility. (Remember how a glass filled with cold water condenses vapour outside the glass)
  4. Ensure your tail lights are operational and there is actually no harm in using your hazard lights as well.
  5. Lastly, to keep it short and simple – drive slow!

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