Monday, December 23, 2013

Perfect weather for a long drive

Perfect weather for a long drive

This morning when having my cup of tea, the marriage of those myriad conditions around me was proposing the idea for a long drive. For a brief moment I really felt like taking charge of the wheels, obviously intercepted by the reality bug. What was it that made my emotions flow through the brim, what was it that asked me to rebel against the world and follow my dreams, what was it that the idea of a long drive started itching me suddenly?

In retrospect, I understood it was the perfect weather for a long drive.

The temperature was just one step away from being cold or you might even declare it as the farthest step away from warm. The sun was giving a mild fleeting look through the greyish clouds every now and then. The clouds which felt as if might pour down if they get amalgamated however the fissure between them was confidently portraying the fact that they won’t come down hard. The slightly cold breeze which was rustling through the tree leaves besides the road was also shuffling the clouds above in the sky. This breeze was cold enough to make you realise that the moment you shut your car door, roll up your windows and switch on the AC, you will only be able to see the breeze but not feel it any more. Yes! You don’t want to feel it but it’s just ideal for you to whizz past it on a smooth 4 lane highway where you can hear it racing against your windscreen.

What else does a man need whose first love is driving? It’s the perfect setup, it’s the perfect plot for you to break all shackles and meet your dream, live your dream and be a part of your dream till the car is running, till the road doesn’t end, till the last bit of strength remaining in you to keep your eyes open and cruise through and fulfil the highway odyssey which you never wish to end.

Happy driving!

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