Saturday, May 14, 2016

Photography at Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Kabini, Karnataka

After an almost perfect wildlife trip in Bandipur, we headed to Nagarhole. On the banks of river Kabini,Jungle Lodges and Resort was a treat. We came here with the least expectation about wildlife sighting - only to realize by end of the trip that it became one of the most memorable.

The resort was undoubtedly serene and relaxing. We only had one night stay here which included only one jeep safari, little we knew that one jeep safari will become the experience of a lifetime. It was absolute wallpaper stuff. For any wildlife enthusiast, it would take years and scores of safaris to get to see the moments that I saw this time around - Outright Breathtaking.

I might have to write a separate post on my experience to spot the Tiger from a distance of 15 feet, that moment was incredible and it deserves its space. For now, enjoy the pics below.


We spotted it sitting near a bush - in that hot afternoon

Probably thinking what to do

Not bothered about our presence

Waiting for the cooler evening

But then it decided something else

And it started walking

Crossed the road - right in front of our jeep

Started going towards a small water body

Kept walking

Far inside the jungle

finally found its own natural jacuzi

We thought it got aware about our presence

But it didn't bother her

She enjoyed the pool like anything

Posed for us from every possible angle

Started yawning and the big grunt can be heard from miles away

Time out!

15 minutes was all we got

End of show!

Elephant sighting with calf

Common Hawk Cuckoo

Black-hooded Oriole

Green Imperial Pigeon

Orange-headed Thrush

Great Cormorant

Little Cormorant


Brahminy Kite

Grey Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

Wooly-necked Stork

Wooly-necked Stork

Jungle Crow

Coppersmith Barbet



White Hibiscus


  1. Sumeet these are just AWESOME. LOVED each and every picture.. It's a treat for our eyes to see them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes indeed, I was super lucky to spot these. Couldn't sleep that night with the excitement!

  2. Sumeet - I can imagine what a wonderful experience it would have been. Wish I too was there...

    1. Undoubtedly, it was like a dream - still feels like it.

  3. Awsome pics Sumeet. Seeing such pics make me feel so much unexplored or lesser explored beauty lies in our country. Keep exploring, clicking and sharing!:)

    1. Hey Ankush, thanks a lot! Even I feel there is so much to see and there is so little time.

  4. Excellent bhaiya!!! Its so great that you take time to visit nature.. Meet such wonderful animals click pictures and share your experiences! Its a great effort and always look forward to your email :)

    1. Hey Maggie! Thanks a lot. How's life otherwise - how are the tigers of London doing?

  5. So beautiful pictures and great stuff thank you for sharing us.

  6. Dear Sumit
    Went through each of your trip reports since 2006. Chanced upon your blog while searching for Rann of Kutch. I was surprised to find the similarities between you and me but for the age. I am in my mid fifties, birder and love long drives. I have been all over Rajasthan from Jamnagar twice but missed Ajmer. When I came to Kolkata I was told Ajmer requires a bulawa. So drove from Kolkata to Bikaner with Allhabad, Agra, Ajmer, Bikaner, Sikar, Jaipur, Kanpur, Gaya as stopovers.
    Went to Bhutan twice from Kolkata by road.These are the major ones.
    Due to my age and work pressure ( I work on saturdays also) unable to make many trips but planning for post retirement all India tour which is 3 years away but keep gathering every bit of info.
    I can't agree more with the description page of birder page of yours. Every point is true.
    I am a fanatic although the hobby is only 2 years old.
    Unfortunately there is no site which give road conditions in this country to plan a road trip. So whatever inputs come in is beneficial.
    Thanks a lot. Keep posting so that people with identical mindset can take advantage of the valuable inputs.
    Soumya Choudhury

    1. Dear Soumya,
      I can only say, "You made my day today". More so because it is my birthday today and it has been an immense pleasure to read what you have written.
      I always keep thinking that i may not be able to continue my passion for very long. Since it is both time consuming and it takes a lot of effort as well for both birding and driving. But your words have given me a big boost of motivation that i can still manage my passion after my retirement as well.
      Thanks for the encouraging words - it was a pleasure to receive it from you today.

    2. Many belated happy returns of the day. I have started my blog after seeing your effort :;postID=3806947280524275410

    3. Wow, great to hear that, I will check it out. Thanks.

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