My Evolution in Photography:

Photography was more of a byproduct of my first big passion - DRIVING & TRAVELING.
Of late, photography for me is primarily about BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY and almost 95% of my clicks are dedicated to birds, remaining 5% goes into other aspects of photography.

Some of the types (styles) of photography that I have laid my hands on are as below: (Click on each to see in details)

  1. Wildlife / Bird Photography 
  2. Bokeh Photography
  3. Time-lapse photography
  4. Pet Photography 
  5. Landscape Photography 
  6. Astro Photography
  7. Butterfly Photography 
  8. Night / Low Light Photography
  9. Slow Shutter Photography
  10. Fast Shutter Photography
  11. Panning / Motion Blur
  12. Macro Photography
  13. Portrait Photography
  14. Infant / Kids Photography
  15. Architectural Photography
  16. Wedding Photography
Also a note to be mentioned here: I'm  a non believer and non user of Photoshop. I only rely on Canon's RAW processing software and all the captured images are post processed only through Canon software. 

My current Photography Equipment (however the evolution was not that straight-forward):

  1. Camera 1: Canon EOS 70D
  2. Camera 2: Canon EOS 1100D
  3. Camera 3: Sony T-77
  4. Lens 1: Canon EF 400 mm 5.6 L
  5. Lens 2: Canon EF 50 mm 1.8
  6. Lens 3: Canon EFS 55-250 mm
  7. Lens 4: Canon 18-55 mm II STM
  8. Lens 5: Canon EFS 18-55 mm II
  9. Kenko 1.4 DGX 300 Teleconverter
  10. Opteka 500 mm Mirror Lens
  11. Opteka 2X Teleconvertor 
  12. Battery Grip BG-E14 
  13. Circular Polarizer Filter 58mm by HOYA
  14. 32X Neutral Density Filter 58 mm
  15. Benro Tripod
  16. Vanguard Monopod AM-263 
  17. Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB 95mb/s 663X
  18. Sandisk Extreme Pro 8 GB 95mb/s 663X
  19. Sandisk Ultra 4 GB
  20. Lexar 8 GB 200X
  21. Kenko 8X50 Binocular
  22. Photography Accessory - Gradient ND Filter 2X 4X, Gradient Blue, Gradient Orange, Gradient Grey 
  23. Multiple Lens Adapter Kit
  24. Lens Reversal Couplar
  25. Lens Hood for 18-55, 55-250 and 50 mm
  26. Camera Bag (Fits in 1 Camera with 400 mm, 250 mm, 18-55 mm, 50 mm, all filters, charger, 3 Lens Hood, Sony T-77)
Started-off my odyssey as a 10 year old when I wanted to test how a snazzy looking button works on my dad's automatic film camera. Just press it and VOILA! a beautiful sound of the entire film reversing and going into the roll, spoiled the entire trip's memories.

Year 2003: Then graduated to Kodak KB-10 in my post-graduation days.

Year 2006 After that the mobile camera revolution started and my Moto Razr V3i with it's 1.3 MP Camera was good enough for me to test the earlier days of my digital photography.

Year 2009: Realized it's time to move on and buy a decent camera, finally got the best point-and-shoot in business those days the SONT T-77

Year 2012: Bought my first SLR camera Canon 1100D just before we planned a trip to Jim Cobett with the hope of clicking the tiger. So this is what triggered the passion and then I happily walked into the road where I knew I would never be able to turn back.

Year 2014: Bought my next DSLR camera - The Canon 70D coupled it with the 400 mm Telephoto. Surely a big dent in my pocket but worth every penny spent.Life has never been the same after that.

With every passing day, this hobby became so serious that now I dedicate a portion of my pay-check every month to fulfill the needs and wants of this (never so expected) expensive hobby. But the fun and satisfaction that I derive after I make every click, is beyond any justification of human logic.

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