Friday, May 25, 2007

Drive from Lucknow to Dudhwa

Here is the link to my second trip to Dudhwa (03-July-2015) 

Lucknow to Dudhwa and back
Total 500 KM

My brother was coming down to lucknow for a vacation. Since my car was also there, so this time we decided to go to dudhwa national park. The mistake that we did was lack of research. We just decided one fine day to go and we went. Unfortunately the park was closed for tiger census. So had to just drive and come back the same day. Although I enjoyed the drive but the happiness was lacking, probably because of my tough phase of life that time.

Anyway, coming back to the drive, the roads are too good, we even went to border of Nepal. One can even take a temporary vehicle registration and go into Nepal from there. Or else one can even park the car in india and go across the border.

Finally since the park wasn’t open so we just came back to lucknow driving all the way back. Roads are decent and its worth a weekend getaway from lucknow.

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