Sunday, October 5, 2008

Drive from Kolkata to Puri

Kolkata to Puri and back 
Total: 1130 KM 

After coming to Kolkata, my car used to just sit idle at home. I used to take it out once in a week while going to office and sometimes on the weekends. Never got an opportunity to go on a long drive after coming to Kolkata, and finally I decided to go to Puri with my friends. As always, I was more than happy to drive the way. After leaving Orissa a couple of years ago, I was again going back there after a long time. I was thrilled, excited and very happy.

Day 1: 02-Oct-2008 (Thursday) We packed our bags and left after office around 3 AM from Kolkata. The roads were primarily good, except a few diversions on the highway in Orissa. We stopped for refueling at a BPCL ghar outlet. Incidentally the salesman recognized me and brought a glass of water for me as well. My friend was so surprised to see the hospitality, later came to know that I was the one who gave the job to that sales person. Finally, reached puri around lunch time.

Day 2: 03-Oct-2008 (Friday) Visited Konark and the Sun Temple. Awesome drive on that beach road.

Day 3: 04-Oct-2008 (Saturday) Local sight seeing

Day 4: 05-Oct-2008 (Sunday) Return journey from Puri to Kolkata, by the time we entered Kolkata, it was very late in the evening. 

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