Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drive from Kolkata to Mandarmani

Kolkata to Mandarmani and back 

Total: 400 KM 

Seven months passed by in 2009 without any long drive. I was hoping that we get one reason to drive somewhere. And finally there it was, 4th of July, independence for US and a holiday for us as well, so this time we decided to pack our bags and go to Mandarmoni. 2 of my colleagues, accompanied me during this trip. Obviously I got a reason to drive my car. 

Early morning we left, road condition was good enough till we took that left turn which takes to the virgin beach of mandarmoni. Otherwise road till digha is good enough. Mandarmoni is still not that popular and no electricity there, even AC runs on generator. There isn’t any road so have to drive on that kutcha stretch of village and then around 4-5 KM on the beach. That experience of driving on the beach was amazing in itself. The moment we started driving on the beach, immediately we had to stop our car and check why it was wobbling. We thought we had a flat tyre, but it was nothing else but sand which was making the car wobble. 

We had a flat tyre when we stopped for our breakfast in the morning before reaching mandarmoni. Changed the tyre and resumed. Should have got the tyre rectified immediately but we didn’t do it till we returned to Kolkata. Big risk, a lesson for driving here- whenever you have a flat tyre get it fixed immediately without any delay. Because a second flat tyre can be disastrous on the highway. 

Return journey was cool, had a sort of a race with a Volvo bus. When we reached Kolkata back, it was raining there that Sunday 5th July. 

Was a nice vacation of 2 days and a wonderful weekend getaway from Kolkata.

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  1. Nice Captures! It feels me like I am travelling there. Thanks for Sharing.