Monday, July 14, 2014

Bokeh Photography Hyderabad India

This album contains all the bokeh photography that I've tried till date. However, never got fascinated with this form since not much of photography skill is required. Still, sometimes the varied colours in the night recall you of bokeh hence the germination of some of these shots.

TIPS: Wherever you see those small shimmering and glittering lights, it can give you an opportunity for a wonderful bokeh.
  1. Just point the camera towards those lights
  2. Have the smallest possible aperture setting (could be f32) 
  3. Have the shutter speed very fast (ideally 1/4000)
  4. Don't even worry about focusing, put your camera in manual focus mode
  5. Compose the frame
  6. Twist the ring of focusing till you get the desired size of the bokeh
  7. CLICK !!

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